Class of 2014 Student to Speak at Health Talks

MOT Class of 2014 Student Sarah Chapdelaine

MOT Class of 2014 Student Sarah Chapdelaine

The UBC Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy congratulates Sarah Chapdelaine, 2nd year Master of Occupational Therapy student, who has won the Health Talks Student Contest! This contest was open to all students in British Columbia, and asked applicants to express their hope(s) for health care, either through essay, a video, or a mixed media project. Sarah’s essay on stigma and suicide was chosen as the winning submission, and is now featured on the Quality Forum website ( In her essay, she expresses the need to evolve the language used around suicide as it relates to mental illness so we can remove stigma, facilitate recovery for those at risk, and help heal those left behind.

On February 26th, 2014, she will be among eight distinguished speakers at the Health Talks event, an evening of presentations that will be done using the Pecha Kucha presentation style; each presentation will feature 20 slides, and each slide is displayed for exactly 20 seconds before automatically advancing to the next one. The Department of OS&OT could not be more delighted with Sarah’s achievement, and wish her all the best for her presentation. We hope that all interested faculty and staff will join us in supporting her by attending this event. For more information on Health Talks, visit: To register to attend Health Talks, visit:

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  1. Chris Hurlburt

    Beautifully written Sarah, congratulations on winning! Language is such a powerful tool and yet continues to hinder and label those who need compassion, love and understanding the most. Good luck and best wishes for your upcoming presentation!

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