Clinical Faculty Directory

Clinical Professors


CARPENTER, Chris Email
FEARING, Ginny (Emeritus) Email
McCLOY, Lynda Email

Clinical Associate Professors


ANSON, R. Joy Email
BRESSLER, Sandra Email
CLARK, Jo Email
CLARK, Mary Email
CORBETT, Rene Email
DAECHSEL, Dawn Email
ERLENDSON, Patricia Email
KYI, Min Email
MAH-JONES, Dianna Email
NEALE, Andrew Email
RIHELA, Jillian Email
ROBINSON, Brenda Email
WHITE, Trish Email

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Clinical Assistant Professors


ARSENAULT, Darlene Email
BERG, Shannon Email
BOYES, Heather Email
BOZZER, Mariella Email
BURRETT, Heather Email
BUSTAMANTE, Patricia S. (Emeritus) Email
CARWANA, Krista Email
CASEY, Regina Email
CHANG, Emmeline Email
CHAPPELL, Irene Email
CHARCHUN, Sarabjeet Kaur Email
CHISHOLM, Jo-Anne Email
CYR, Lori Email
DAVIS, Alexis Email
DHIMAN, Rajni Email
DUECK, Judith Email
DUIVESTEIN, Janice Email
FISCHER, Jodi Email
FRASER, Cynthia Email
GARRET, Susan Email
GERLACH, Alison Email
GREEN, Teresa Email
HALE, Sandra Email
JELLEY, Wilma Email
KONKIN, Mary Email
LE FAIVRE, Christine Email
LEE, Deirdre Email
LEZNOFF, Sandy Email
MAGNUSON, Sonja Email
McCUAIG, Margaret Email
McELROY, Theresa Email
McLEAN, Alison M. Email
MORTENSON, Patricia Email
PORTER, Barbara Email
RUSHTON, Paula Email
SELMAN, Jennifer Email
SCALZO, Kathleen A. Email
SHEFFIELD, Cheryl Email
SINANAN, Sarah Email
SMITH, Les Email
SMITH, Sharon Email
ST.PIERRE, Astrid Email
STAN, L. Joanne Email
STOCK, Corey Email
STRAATHOF, Phyllis Email
VON ZWECK, Claudia Email
WALDORF, Kevin Email
YIU, Jeanne Email

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Clinical Instructors


ADAB, Narges Email
ADAMS, Tracy Email
AGON, Michelle Email
ALGUIRE, Lisa Email
ARSENAULT, Sacha Email
AUSTIN, Melissa Email
BARCLAY, Karen Email
BARLOW, Sue Email
BARRIE, Alyssa Email
BERINSTEIN, Stephany Email
BETZ, Desiree Email
BOILY, Jeanette Email
BONIFACE, Jeff Email
BONIFACE, Giovanna Email
BOSSLEY, Sasha Email
BUCKELL, Lauren Email
BUDAC, Monica Email
BUNN, Laura Megan Email
BURRETT, Heather Email
BURROWS, Jennifer Email
CHEUNG, Irene Email
CHIN, Mia Lisabeth Email
CHOW, Kevin Email
CHUNG, Joanna Email
CIRIC, Zorana Email
DANKO, Amy Email
DAVIDSON, Kathy Email
DELISLE, Eric Email
DE SILVA, Liza Email
DHALLA, Rishma Email
DOHERTY, Miranda Email
DOYLE, Taryn Email
DURAN, Leslie Email
EDAMURA, Jody Email
ELLENS, Catherine Email
ELLISAT, Kathy Email
ENG, Gary Email
EPP, Stephen Email
FAIRCHILD, Renee Email
FAWCETT, Laura Email
FERGUSON, Alanna Email
FIELD, Debra Email
FISCHER, Casie Email
FORSETH, Nancy Email
FROST, Maeve Email
FRIESEN, Kent Email
FULLERTON, Donna Email
FULTON, Laura Email
GELLIS, Jennifer Email
GERBRACHT, Angenita Email
GILLESPIE, Heather Email
GLASGOW, Jennifer Email
GLEGG, Stephanie Email
GMITROSKI, Susan Email
GOFFMAN, Naomi Email
GRAHAM, Dale Email
GRAHAM, Diane Email
GRANT, Tom Email
GRAZYS, Brigita Email
HALL, Courtney Email
HAMILTON, Patricia Email
HARTNEY, Sandra Email
HASKETT, Sandra Email
HAWKINS, Jocelyn M Email
HO, Amanda Email
HO, Joyce Email
HOWEY, Melissa Email
JANG, Shu-Hyun Email
JASSAL, Harjit Kaur Email
KENDRICK, Denise Email
KENNEDY, Aviva Email
KOZAK, Susan Email
LA GRAND, Kristen Email
LAM, Brian Email
LAW, Jennifer Email
LEE, Jeanette Email
LEE, Melissa Email
LEE, Yee Lok Email
LIM, Claudia Email
LINTOTT, Wendy Email
LOFFREE, Jennifer Email
LOUIE, Angela Email
MACHATTIE, Edith Email
MACKAY, Margot Email
MAK, Rita May-yan Email
MARINA, Kathie Email
MARTENS, Erika Email
MASON, Patricia Email
MAZUREK, Trevor Email
McCAIN, Colleen Email
McKALL, Kathryn Email
McLEAN, Moray Email
McNAIR, Barbara Email
McNEILL, Andrea Email
MEHLENBACHER, Stephanie Email
METZGER, Mark Email
MIDDLETON, Julia Email
MILLS, Deborah Email
MILLS, Karen Email
MONTGOMERY, Ivonne Email
NAPHTALI, Kate Email
NELSON, Marie Email
NEWLANDS, Tracey Email
NG, Carol Lai-Yin Email
NG, Emily Email
NG, Gordon Email
NYBO, Nicole Email
O’ROURKE, Brian Email
OLSON, Jill Email
OLUND, Gretchen Email
PANDEY, Kanchan Email
PERRY, Megan Email
PERSELLO, Jennifer Email
PIDDUCK, Michelle Email
PIKE, Sarah Email
POON, Josephine Email
QUIRK, Kaitlin Email
RAE, Danielle Email
REPTA, Wade Email
RISKE, Jacquie Email
RITSON, Janice Email
ROBENS, David Email
RODRIGUES, Cara Lee Email
ROSS, Twyla Email
SANTIAGO, Philipp Email
SHANKAR, Sneha Email
SHORTER, Cara Email
SHORTREED, Janet Email
SIMPSON, Lisa Email
SMITH, Emma Email
STEWART, Lisa Email
STOKES, Rochelle Email
STOREY, Hoda Email
SWAIN, Lynda Email
TALLEY, Carol Email
TANG, Wayne Email
TATLA, Sandy Email
TILLEY, Katrina Email
THOMPSON, Wendy Email
THORNE, Jason Email
TRETHEWEY, Tara Michael Email
TSE, Wendy Email
VAGHELA, Sabrina Email
VAN KUYK, Patricia Email
WELLWOOD, Nancy Email
WICKETT, Miriam Email
WILKINS, Nicole Email
WILSON, Annie Email
WILSON, Kristina Email
WONG, Anastasia Email
WONG, Jill Email
WONG, Katherine Email
WONG, Kevin Email
WONG, Ruby Email
WOODWARD, Maureen Email
WRAY, Ellie Email

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Honorary Professor


HAMMELL, Karen Email

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Adjunct Faculty


BORISOFF, Jaimie Email
GAERTNER, Tara Email
GOLDSMITH, Charles Email
READMAN, Tim Email
YOUNG, Jenny Email

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