Senior Instructor
phone: 6048227029
fax: 6048227624
Occupational Profile

Growing up in a culture with strong work ethics and values, Michael never doubts the importance of work and occupation. Having practiced as an occupational therapist in the field of Mental Health Rehabilitation for over 25 years, he developed a passion for enabling people with mental health needs. Michael strongly believes in the importance of preparing the younger generation to become outstanding therapists; he started investing his time and energy in educating future occupational therapists almost 20 years ago. In 2006, he started his position as the Curriculum Coordinator for the Master of Occupational Therapy Program at UBC. His main responsibiliy is to support many students to maximize their learning experience so that they evolve into competent entry-level therapists.

Michael was educated as an occupational therapist in Hong Kong, and migrated to Canada about 15 years ago. He is particularly keen on supporting occupational therapists educated elsewhere to practice in Canada. Michael’s passion for awareness in mental wellness positions him to be heavily involved in projects related to promoting psychosocial rehabilitation and mental health in all aspects of daily life.

In addition to spending time with people who shares his values and beliefs, Michael enjoys his occupation as a father and a husband. During his spare time, you can find him swimming regularly for his fitness, and fixing electronic gadgets to keep up with his problem-solving skills.

Research Interests & Specialization

Michael’s research interests and specialization lie in two main areas: (1) occupational participation for people with mental health issues, and (2) teaching methodologies in adult education, especially in the context of web-based learning and interprofessional education. His interest in mental health issues brings him to his recent focus on promotion of mental health and on bringing psychosocial rehabilitation to countries where it is not fully embraced.

Teaching Interests

As a believer in constructivism, Michael’s philosophy in teaching is to enable learners to construct and interpret their understanding of knowledge and reality through an active learning process. Michael enjoys teaching the psychosocial aspects of illness, especially on promoting recovery for people living with mental health concerns. He is also interested in clinical reasoning skills in occupational therapy practice, and program and outcome evaluations. He is especially passionate about interprofessional education and works collaboratively with other educators to develop interprofessional curricula.

Activities & Memberships

Registrant, College of Occupational Therapists in British Columbia
Member, Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists
Member, Canadian Mental Health Association
Member, Board of Directors, Psychosocial Rehabilitation British Columbia
Member, Psychosocial Rehabilitation Canada
Member, US Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association