Collaboration is key for our Graduate Certificate in Primary Health Care

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What is team-based primary health care?

The concept of team-based primary health care has been around for decades, and it is now being embraced and adopted by the BC Provincial Government. Team-based primary health care is a model of health care delivery that recognizes patients and their families as integral members of a team of care providers.

This approach mandates the delivery of primary health care by formalized, interprofessional teams that bring together multiple professions and services to provide care that is holistic, preventative, and patient-centred.

Why is the Graduate Certificate important?

The Graduate Certificate in Primary Health Care was developed to support health care professionals who are in or are considering health care positions that use BC’s new approach to delivering primary health care.

The certificate is awarded by the Faculty of Medicine, but the program creation was led by Department of OSOT Professors Drs. Susan Forwell and Bill Miller with input from the project’s interprofessional Advisory Committee.

Taken part-time over 12 months, the program is primarily online and is designed for working professionals. The certificate offers an opportunity to engage in a rigorous and interactive program with a supportive cohort of peers.

By the end of the program, you can expect to gain skills, insights and perspectives that you can apply in your own context and careers.

The next cohort for the program will start in September 2022.

Whether you are an administrator, nurse, occupational therapist, dietician, or physician, all who work or have an interest in primary care are welcome to apply.

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