Awards & Funding Opportunities

The majority of funding available to graduate students at UBC is reserved for research graduate programs. As such, MOT students are, unfortunately, ineligible for the majority of graduate funding available at UBC as we are a professional graduate program.

The major funding opportunity available to MOT students is the Affiliated Fellowship competition, which is offered as an entrance scholarship for first-year students. An information session on applying to the Affiliated Fellowship competition will be held annually in early September for registered first-year MOT students.

The Department of OS&OT offers several internal awards to registered MOT students during the Spring. These awards are mostly merit based although there are a select few awards that are based solely on academic performance. Registered first-year and second-year students will be sent an electronic awards package annually in the Spring (March/April) that details the awards available.

For information on general awards, bursaries and financial aid, please visit Awards & Money Management and the UBC Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Award Opportunities database.