Janice Duivestein is the Recipient of the 2015 FoM Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award

The department is delighted to announce that Janice Duivestein is the recipient of the 2015 Faculty of Medicine Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award! Janice is a Clinical Assistant Professor who has taught in the department for over 15 years, and is known provincially, nationally and internationally for her expertise in the area of dysphagia management and eating, drinking, swallowing disorders. She is also a practicing occupational therapist at Sunny Hill Health Centre.

Not only is Janice a highly regarded instructor of students in the department, but her teaching also extends beyond the classroom. Her efforts contribute to continuing professional education for clinicians and colleagues, to such an extent that most OT clinicians practicing in BC in dysphasia or swallowing assessment and management were trained by Janice. Given her vast knowledge and experience in this area, she also serves as a consultant or is a member of planning committees related to this topic locally and internationally, and has participated in a variety of international projects and initiatives to educate and mentor practicing clinicians.

Congratulations Janice, on receiving this honour – it was much deserved!