Shape our new Strategic Plan

Class of 2023 at Graduation
Class of 2024 at the start of the MOT Program

Why now?

2024 marks the end of our current Strategic Plan (2019-2024). Much has changed since we developed that plan, and we have seen lots of growth and change. The Department now operates with a hybrid working, teaching and learning environment across a network of distributed sites, and since 2019 we’ve been increasing in size each year.

  • We’ve grown significantly:
    • in 2019 we were based on one site in Vancouver and now we have three distributed sites in Prince George, Surrey and Vancouver;
    • in 2019 we had 64 new students each year, we now have 96 students who will start their Master of Occupational Therapy program each September (64 at our Vancouver site, 16 at the Prince George site, 16 at our Surrey site);
    • in 2019 we had 12 faculty members, we now have a team of 22.
  • Our clinical community and support network also grew:
    • in 2019 we had 350 clinical faculty, now we have over 500;
    • in 2019 we offered 240 fieldwork placements each year, now we coordinate 480.
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What we hope to achieve

Students in a clinical setting
Students around a table examining a foot splint, under guidance of Associate Professor of Teaching, Katie Lee Bunting
MOT students with FoM Vice Dean, Dr. Roger Wong

Creating a new strategic plan will help us to:

  • collectively rethink our overall vision and mission
  • reassess our values and goals
  • define ways we can achieve our goals and measure progress over the coming years

The new strategic plan is intended to be a useful reference to align decisions and ensure everything we do is contributing to a bigger vision.

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Our strategic planning approach

The development of our strategic plan will be:

  • led by a faculty working group from across the Department
  • shaped by feedback from our students, faculty, staff, alumni and clinical faculty
  • guided by the expertise and experience of a community advisory group from across BC
  • a collaborative, transparent process with validation from the community.

We are working with UBC’s Strategic Decision Support unit, who are helping to guide us through the process.

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Meet our Faculty Working Group

The strategic planning process will be supported by an internal faculty working group, consisting of co-leads from four identified core areas:

  • Education
  • Research
  • People & Belonging
  • Organization & Governance

This working group will help to create, validate and advise on various aspects of the strategic plan.


Donna Drynan portrait 2022

Donna Drynan

Profile portrait of Katie Lee Bunting 2022

Katie Lee Bunting

People & Belonging

Dr. Tal Jarus

Portrait of Dr. Laura Bulk

Dr. Laura Yvonne Bulk


Jill Zwicker

Dr. Jill Zwicker

Portrait picture of Dr. Julia Schmidt 2023

Dr. Julia Schmidt

Organization & Governance

Profile of Sue Forwell at WOSC

Dr. Susan Forwell

Stephanie Glegg portrait

Dr. Stephanie Glegg

Project Sponsor

Profile portrait of Ben Mortensen

Dr. Ben Mortenson
Department Head

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Meet our Community Advisory Group

Our Community Advisory Committee consists of external partners who have a unique perspective on our direction and activities. Hailing from across BC, this group of leaders, professionals, recent alumni and patient advocates bring their experience and expertise to the strategic planning process, and help identify any areas that need further detail or priority:

  • Shannon Berg
  • Dina Brown
  • Jon Collins
  • Sarabjeet Charchun
  • Leslie Duran
  • Ayan Gum
  • Ivonne Montgomery
  • Nav Sidhu
  • Les Smith
  • Mandy Young
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Where we are in the strategic planning process

Last updated: June 2024

During the Framework Development stage, we will start to generate ideas for our new guiding principles: our Vision, Mission and a list of Values.

As we move into Strategy Development, we will also start to use the information gathered during the Situation Assessment (including the analysis of our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats/SWOT) to help determine 3-4 goals for each core area (e.g., Education, Research, Organization & Governance, People & Belonging).

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New plan and toolkit to be launched in Fall 2024

We started preparing for this process in December 2023, and formally started work with the UBC Strategic Decision Support unit in January 2024. We began our Situation Assessment in mid-March.

Our goal is to have a collaboratively-created new strategic plan in the Fall, preparing to launch the final version in early November.

We intend to create an output that can be used for regular consultation in both major and minor decision making. The plan will include the metrics that will be used to track our progress towards goals, and this data will be reported at our monthly all-faculty meetings.

Graphic representing the launch of the strategic plan
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Shape our strategy with your perspective

Catherine Backman working with students
A small group of students in masks gather in a classroom to start an activity

There will be key consultations during the process, and we encourage everyone who has an interest in occupational therapy practice, research, education and the Department to share feedback at each and every stage.

We hope to collaborate with as many people as possible, through surveys, town halls and drop-in sessions.

Our second survey is now closed.

Please check back for our third and final survey at the end of July/early August