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Occupational Profile

Laura obtained her PhD from the Department of Language and Literacy Education at UBC in 2014. Following her PhD, Laura completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Centre for Health Education Scholarship, Faculty of Medicine, UBC.
Beginning July 2015, Laura has been an Assistant Professor in the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Medicine, UBC. Since this time, she has also held a concurrent appointment as a Scientist at the Centre for Health Education Scholarship, Faculty of Medicine, UBC.
Laura is the recipient of the prestigious Arthritis Society New Investigator Salary Award (2015-2018) in support of her study: “The Power of the Patient: Exploring Patient-Centered Care within Multidisciplinary Inflammatory Arthritis Teams”. She is also the recipient of a research award funded by donors to St. Paul’s Foundation (2016-2017) for her study that explores the meaning of relationships in end of life care.
Outside of work Laura enjoys time on the southern Gulf Islands where she looks for sand dollars and moon snails with her husband and son

Research Interests & Specialization

Laura brings a perspective to the broad field of health professional education research that is shaped by her training in the fields of medicine, sociology, anthropology, and sociolinguistics. Her approach emphasizes how social interactions, power relations, cognition, language, and identity are always co-produced and bound to context. In her current program of research, she uses ethnographic methods, social network analysis, activity theory and genre theory to explore how distributed chronic disease healthcare teams enact patient-centered care within webs of power and influence. Laura enjoys working together with interdisciplinary research teams to solve complex sociological problems that occur in various health professions practice contexts.

Teaching Interests

Laura has a teaching background in adult education and has taught various linguistic and cultural groups around the world. She currently teaches graduate level sessions on qualitative research as a method of inquiry.

Activities & Memberships

Reviewer, Perspectives on Medical Education
Reviewer, Teaching and Learning in Medicine
Consultant, Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research
Member, Canadian Association for Medical Education
Member, Early Career Medical Educators

Selected Publications

Laura has over twenty peer-reviewed publications.

Selected publications in 2016

Nimmon, L. & Stenfors-Hayes, T. (2016). The “handling” of power in the physician-patient encounter: Perceptions from experienced physicians. BMC Medical Education, 16(114), 1-9.

Nimmon, L., Paradis, E., Schrewe, B., Mylopoulos, M. (2016). Integrating theory into qualitative medical education research. Journal of Graduate Medical Education, July, 8(3), 437-438.

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