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Health and participation for all

We aim to further excellence in education and research while upholding a safe, inclusive, high-quality learning environment for students, staff and faculty.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Health and participation for all.

Our Mission

Our mission is to “Create, inspire and uphold a scholarly community that contributes to the health of individuals and communities through research on occupation and education programs for occupational therapy students, health professionals, and scientists.”

Our Values

  1. Curiosity | Innovation: We seek to foster an open and scholarly climate of engaged dialogue, critical appraisal, and innovative thought and action.
  2. Excellence: We work hard to create an environment where people are supported and engaged in being excellent and achieving excellent outcomes across all programs, including the MOT, MRSc, MSc, and PhD programs.
  3. Compassion: We honour the significant privilege of being researchers and educators in occupational science and occupational therapy and the public and personal duty to act with integrity.
  4. Equity | Inclusion: We view respect for diversity of people, ideas, and actions as critical in order for people, programs, and communities to thrive.
  5. Community: We believe that accountability to the public is essential, whether through research, occupational therapy practice, or academics, and is a responsibility of all students, staff and faculty.

Our Strategic Plan

We aspire to grow and develop under a number of guiding principles in our 5 year plan.

Annual Reports

Review our most recent annual reports, which cover departmental achievements and partnerships.

Our History

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The need for a school to train occupational and physical therapists at UBC was great at the time as the majority of occupational therapists practicing in Canada were foreign trained. In 1955, for example, there were 150 physical therapists practicing in BC, of which only 32 were trained in Canada. 

In the School’s beginning, students were required to complete one year of university (or equivalent) to be allowed entry into the 3-year certificate program. Two of these years were academic in nature, while one year was a supervised rotating internship. Students who graduated at this time were granted a Certificate Course in Physical Medicine Therapy (which combined both physio and occupational therapy). 

1962 saw the School begin to evolve into a full degree, 4-year program (3 year diploma with an optional “degree year”) that was solidified in 1969. By 1970, graduates of the School were granted a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Medicine (B.S.R). 

Since its beginnings, the School has undergone many significant changes with some noteworthy moments in history. In 1976, the School was one of three used as a pilot study to develop C.P.A accreditation criteria. 1977 saw the School acquire 4,000 square feet of space in the Extended Care Unit (located in what is now the Instructional Resources Centre). Margaret Hood, who was the first instructor of occupational therapy at UBC, became director of the School in 1978. In June of 1979, the School moved to its present location, the 3rd floor of the UBC Hospital. By 1992, the School had changed its name to the School of Rehabilitation ‘Sciences’. 

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