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We have a dedicated Student Service support unit to assist you through your Master of Occupational Therapy program. Contact your friendly Student Services Manager with any questions or suggestions.

Student Handbook

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MOT Student Awards

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We have a number of department awards, scholarships and bursaries that are available to Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT) students. The application deadline is typically in June.

For a list of UBC-wide general awards, scholarships, and bursaries, please visit the UBC Awards page.

The Academic and Financial Awards Package includes details of each award, scholarship and bursary, alongside the criteria upon which the award decision is based.

Application forms:

Occupational Therapy Student Society (OTSS)

The UBC OTSS is a student-run, collaborative and inclusive group where fellow students work to foster occupational therapy community, act as change agents, and enhance further ways of knowing through an occupation-based lens.

Find out more and keep in touch via the OTSS Instagram.

Take on a role in the OTSS

All occupational therapy students are able to join the society. Volunteers are elected each year for the following roles:

  1. Presidents
  2. Vice-President
  3. Treasurers
  4. Secretary
  5. Academic Representative
  6. Class Representative
  7. Professional Associations Representative
  8. Interprofessional Liaison
  9. Health and Wellness Representatives
  10. Social Representatives
  11. Community Engagement Team
  12. Grad Photo/Yearbook Coordinators
  13. Student Orientation and Seaview Lounge Representatives
  14. Rehab Rounds Coordinators
  15. Grad Representatives

Benefits of the OTSS

“I didn’t think I would have time to actively volunteer throughout my Masters program, OTSS provided me with a space to fulfill this desire in a less demanding way”

Community Engagement Member

“Being involved in OTSS has made me feel more connected to my classmates and has offered me a sense of community.”


“It’s so exciting to know that you can make a direct impact on the incoming MOT students by facilitating a welcoming and inclusive environment, even before their first day of MOT!”

Student Orientation and Seaview Representatives Member

Resources & Links

MOT Program Fees

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Program payments

Pay online for MOT program fees, including tuition deposits, and out-of-province fees. These fees apply to current students only.

Graduation Resources

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A couple of key resources relating to graduation:

Stay connected once you graduate. When registering for graduation, make sure to apply for alumni membership. You can then download the alumni app for instant access to thousands of journals, library access and more.