Clinical Instructor Minnie Teng awarded grant for artificial intelligence healthcare project

Profile portrait of Minnie Teng

We are delighted to see that Minnie Teng has been awarded a Compassion and Artificial Intelligence Grant from AMS Healthcare for her work on “Optimizing interactions between humans and artificial intelligence when administering remote cognitive assessments”.

Her team is collaborating with people with disabilities to pilot remote assessments to evaluate how the design of human-computer-environment interactions can be optimized for compassionate care.

Minnie is one of our amazing Clinical Instructors and is also currently a second-year medical student here at UBC. Prior to medical school, she completed a BSc and MSc in Occupational Therapy. She has something of a unique background in both occupational therapy and data science, and has worked as a data science fellow with the BCCDC.

Congratulations to Minnie on this excellent achievement.

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