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Have you considered joining our clinical faculty?
Do you have a colleague who would be a great fieldwork or classroom educator?

We have a growing community of approximately 350 clinicians who hold part-time, unpaid appointments with the department.

Our clinical faculty members are a key part of OSOT’s learning ecosystem, whether working with students on placement or training students in the classroom in a specific, professional skill or specialization.

There are many benefits to joining, and we invite applications all year round. Please note that clinical faculty members are required to be active, registered members of COTBC.

Typically, new members join us as a Clinical Instructor, but we also regularly invite members to apply for promotion to Clinical Assistant Professor, Clinical Associate Professor and Clinical Professor.

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Benefits of being a member of clinical faculty include:

  • A UBC Card offering access to UBC Library and on-campus discounts
  • Free membership to UBC Botanical Gardens
  • Free membership to UBC Museum of Anthropology
  • Workshop/Course/Software discounts
  • Travel benefits and discounted airport parking
  • Not to mention personal satisfaction and professional development…
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Clinical faculty experiences

Melanie Zapf

Melanie Zapf

I enjoy being a Fieldwork Educator because I think it is important for OT students to find strong mentors and develop hard skills on their placements. When I was a student, I had some really fabulous fieldwork educators and they were able to teach me so much. I view taking students on as part of my professional responsibility and as a way I can give back to the profession.  

I also find taking students helps me constantly evaluate my practice, have solid reasoning for what I do, and explore new interventions and treatment options. I happen to work in an area where a lot of new graduate OTs start their careers, and I hope that by offering placements, I can enable students to transition to practice with confidence and a strong skill set. 

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Sarabjeet Charchun

I have been on committees interviewing and selecting potential occupational therapy students and faculty. My latest contribution is helping to establish and maintain operational needs of an occupational therapy student-run clinic at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

The best part of my job is the creativity that is involved in the visioning and implementation of programs that support the delivery of rehabilitation services. I feel satisfied that I can be part of making changes that reflect and respond to the needs of clinicians, students, and patients.

I remind students that in a very short time they will be my colleagues and represent the profession I am passionate about. It is my responsibility to give students everything I can to support their learning experience, and it is their responsibility to make the most of that learning opportunity. “Dive in!”