Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Education: Transitioning from Practitioner to Teacher

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We have revamped our fieldwork education workshop into a digitized online curriculum with eight modules, which are designed to help you:

  • Plan, implement and enjoy a clinical experience for a student
  • Describe the UBC Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT) enter-to-practice curriculum
  • Differentiate between a number of learning and supervisory styles
  • Identify the role of objectives in planning a clinical learning experience
  • Select strategies which will contribute to effective student evaluation
  • Define the purpose and use of the Competency-Based Fieldwork Evaluation for Occupational Therapists (CBFE-OT) and its relationship to objectives
  • Identify feedback strategies and become comfortable with giving and receiving feedback

These modules align with the content in the Fieldwork Educators’ Manual. Explore the online modules alongside the manual.

To access each module, simply click on the icon below and ensure your speakers are on, as Donna Drynan, Professor & Associate Head, Educational Affairs, will be guiding you through the material in the manual.

Workshop Modules

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Module 2: UBC MOT Curriculum

(pages 5-10)

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Module 3: Evaluation Form and Processes

(pages 11-18)

Illustrative image of a target.

Module 4: Learning Objectives

(pages 24-29)

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Module 5: Learning & Teaching Approaches

(pages 30-52)

Illustrative image of a notebook, pencil and a pair of spectacles.

Module 6: Planning the Clinical Experience

(pages 53-54)

Illustrative image of two speech bubbles.

Module 7: Communication & Feedback

(pages 55-71)

Two students smiling and sitting opposite each other as they study outside with their laptops.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated

We want to know what you think about the new format! Your feedback will directly impact the curriculum and enrich resources for future educators.

If there is something that you feel is missing or, if you found the modules useful – we want to know. We are continually looking to improve our support of fieldwork education and are very open to suggestions.

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