Fieldwork Education

Interested in becoming a Fieldwork Educator? This section of the website will provide you with helpful information on how to take on a student, the benefits of becoming a Fieldwork Educator, and making your student’s experience a positive one.

As Fieldwork educators, you facilitate the learning of students by creating a climate to promote the development of knowledge, skills, behaviours, and attitudes relevant to occupational therapy. As a fieldwork educator, your role will involve:

  1. Integrating a student program into the fieldwork setting,
  2. Modelling professional practice behaviours,
  3. Guiding student practice within the setting, and
  4. Providing formal and informal feedback and evaluation on performance to the student and appropriate university personnel.

To learn more about becoming a Fieldwork Educator, or how to become an accredited fieldwork site, see the following useful brochures: