Dr. Jill Zwicker receives Canada Research Chair

Jill Zwicker and a group of occupational therapy students in a brain imaging lab

[Reposted from June 29, 2021]

We are excited to announce that OSOT Associate Professor Dr. Jill Zwicker has been awarded a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Pediatric Brain Development and Rehabilitation for her research in developmental coordinator disorder (DCD).

This award will advance Dr. Zwicker’s research in developmental coordinator disorder (DCD), an underdiagnosed neurodevelopmental condition that affects 5% of children, or one child in every classroom. Children with DCD may struggle to master the motor skills necessary for everyday activities, such as tying their shoelaces, writing, or riding a bicycle. These difficulties affect children’s performance at school and in play and can lead to life-long impacts on their vocational and leisure pursuits and mental health. Dr. Zwicker will use her CRC to investigate the potential causes of DCD, the impact of rehabilitation interventions on the motor skill and brain development of children with DCD, and provide evidence for best practices of care. Ultimately, this research will improve the occupational outcomes and long-term health of children with DCD.

Learn more about Dr. Zwicker’s award here.