MOT Professional & Educational Conceptual Framework

The MOT professional and educational conceptual framework (the framework) describes the underpinnings of our MOT curriculum and guides decisions about pre-requisite courses, course content and design, instructional methods, assessment of student learning, and the development of occupational therapy practice competencies. The framework provides the integrated foundations upon which our curriculum is developed and designed to graduate occupational therapists who are experts in enabling occupation.

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It is comprised of a professional element and an educational element. The professional element of the framework includes beliefs about occupation, health, occupational therapy, and social justice, the program purpose, and key learning outcomes of the MOT program. The educational element of the framework includes four select theories informing teaching in higher education and guiding principles on inclusivity and accessibility of education informed by universal design for learning principles.

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The MOT Tree: Visual Image of the Framework

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The Professional Element: Beliefs, Program Purpose & Outcomes

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The Educational Element: Educational Theories & Universal Design for Learning