OSOT Vision, Mission, and Values


The University of British Columbia (UBC) and the Faculty of Medicine (FoM) strategic plans, including vision, mission and values, inform the direction of the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy (OSOT). The OSOT vision, mission, and values shape the MOT program.


Health and participation for all.


Create, inspire, and uphold a scholarly community that contributes to the health of individuals and communities through research on occupation and education programs for occupational therapy students, health professionals, and scientists.


The core values of the Department of OSOT provide a moral and ethical anchoring for the MOT program. The Department of OSOT champions the following values:

  1. Community: to recognize that relationships, shared experiences, and connections both within and beyond the university enrich scholarship and research of occupation and occupational therapy.
  2. Compassion: to act with humanity.
  3. Curiosity: the continuous aspiration to know, understand, and learn about humans as occupational beings.
  4. Equity: a process that aims to ensure that all people have what they need in order to successfully participate in their lives. Equity begins by acknowledging that not all people have access to the same opportunities for engagement in occupations and acts to remove barriers to address this imbalance.
  5. Excellence: to be exceptional and to produce outstanding outcomes to advance occupational science and occupational therapy.
  6. Inclusion: an outcome where all people of diverse identities feel valued and worthy and are included in all aspects of life. The active work of inclusion creates space for diversity of the human experience.
  7. Innovation: to advance and push the boundaries in occupational science and occupational therapy scholarship and research. It is through innovation that new possibilities are discovered.