Useful Resources

Useful Links in Drafting your Faculty Curriculum Vitae

Please also review the Clinical Faculty Handbook (see below) for more information on appointments and promotions.

How to Register for a Campus-Wide Login (CWL)

CWL is UBC’s only sign-on authentication system and is designed to give you access to all UBC online resources using the same username and password. A UBC ID number is needed in order to register for a CWL account. Register for your CWL.

How to Obtain a UBC card/Library Card

The UBC card Provides you with access to all UBC Library services as well as access to discounts from various vendors. If you do not require the additional features that the UBC card provides you may apply for a UBC Library Card, which provides access to library services only. Your UBC ID number is needed to apply for either card.

  1. Go to Clinical Faculty Services & Perks
  2. Click on the UBC card tab or the Library tab as desired
  3. Click on the appropriate links to apply for your UBC card or library access

Faculty of Medicine Professional Standards

All Learners and Faculty Members must adhere to the Professional Standards Policy.

UBC Respectful Environment Statement for Students, Faculty and Staff

Read the Respectful Environment Statement for Students Faculty and Staff
Visit the Respectful Environment Statement website
Visit the UBC Bullying & Harassment Prevention website

How to obtain a copy of the OS&OT Clinical Faculty Policy

The Dept. of OS&OT has adopted a clinical faculty policy based on the Faculty of Medicine Clinical Faculty Handbook. To obtain a copy, please contact the Dept. of OS&OT.

How to obtain a Clinical Faculty Handbook

The UBC Office of Clinical Faculty Affairs has produced a guide outlining details of clinical faculty appointments, including information regarding responsibilities, benefits, and resources. Please visit the UBC Clinical Faculty Affairs website to download a copy of the guide, or access the guide now.

Keeping Your Contact Information Up-to-Date

Keeping your contact information up-to-date helps us keep in touch.  Login to Workday with your CWL to change your personal information. If you need a little help navigating around, please see these instructions on how to edit your personal information in Workday.

Virtual welcome and resource centre

All faculty members are welcome to visit the Resource Centre to learn more about what’s available to them at UBC.

Contact Tracy Henderson for any other questions or concerns.